Hello Neighbors!

Are you sometimes too busy to walk your dog?
Do you see that distraught look in his eyes that says he’s annoyed because you won’t take him out?  Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m the owner of Play N Walk…your neighborhood pet friendly business, which now offers more than just dog care.  I am a responsible junior in high school and take my job very seriously.  I began my business over 6 years ago when I realized my neighbors loved having their dogs walked!   Testimonials

I offer additional services also:  feeding, playing and companionship if you ever want to get away for the weekend.  Scheduling

If your dog has any special needs or necessary medication, please don’t forget to tell me.  Thank you, and I look forward to walking your pooch!

BABYSITTING!  I’m honored that so many people have asked me to babysit, so I’ve added this to my resume.  Click here and find out more!